Quoi qu'il arrive : Une ode à l'avenir




Wu, Jonathan

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The road through medical school towards practice in the field of medicine is a long and arduous journey, with plenty of challenges in addition to the burden of the course load. Many studies focused on burnout in medical school have found that many external factors, including the exposure to suffering and the influence of significant life events, contribute heavily to the stress that a medical student faces. Given this limited but growing base of knowledge, the looming figure of medical school is often uncertain, frightening, and exciting as prospective medical students study the prerequisite coursework and participate in various extracurricular activities that will best prepare them for the road ahead. In this novel written in “standard” French, the plot follows a young medical student during his first year of medical school, where he meets another young man by the name of François. The development of their relationship and the consistent revelation of the protagonist’s own thoughts throughout the story show conflict and character in the face of what can occur outside of the classroom. As an intellectually inspired, expressive piece, this story examines some of the common hopes and fears experienced by many of the individuals who hope to contribute to the medical field as the next generation of physicians.



Medical school, French, Novel