Personifying dynamic video game music through live performance : a rescoring of RiME.

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My central argument for this thesis is that video game music loses its adaptive functionality when performed outside of a gameplay context. My goal is to use technology to incorporate live performance into dynamic game music and create an experience that facilitates collaborative human connection. My research will culminate in a performance of originally composed music that will accompany gameplay of the video game RiME by Tequila Works. I will give an account of the last year and a half, detailing the work that was required to realize this performance. First I will talk about my use of technology. Then I will discuss my approach to the music writing process. I will also explain how these two aspects work together to create the end result. Finally, I will talk about where I want this research to go in the future and how I want to expand upon it.

Video games. Video game music. Classical music. Interactive performance. Music improvisation.