Three-Valued Simulation with the Inversion Algorithm



Maurer, Peter M.

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The Inversion Algorithm is an event-driven logic simulation technique that is competitive with Levelized Compiled Code Simulation. Previous versions of the Inversion Algorithm have been limited to purely binary simulation. The algorithm presented here extends the Inversion Algorithm to three-valued simulation while preserving the desirable properties of the two-valued algorithm. Because of the richer transformation structure used in three-valued simulation, the scheduling technique is significantly more complex than that of the two-valued algorithm. The procedure for collapsing simultaneous events is also significantly more complex. Once a three-valued net achieves a stable binary value, it is possible to replace the three-valued simulation with a more efficient two-valued simulation. Experimental data shows that the three-valued algorithm is also competitive with levelized compiled code simulation.



Three-Valued Simulation, Digital Simulation