Liaison Framework for the Research and Engagement Librarians of Baylor University




Towers, Sha
Filgo, Ellen Hampton
Bentsen, Eileen M.
Chan-Park, Christina Y.
Crenshaw, Clayton E.
Johansen, Ben
Martinsen, Megan
Ramsey, Timothy
Schuetz, Carol
Hair, Bill

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The framework identifies and defines the major categories of liaison work and describes core activities and best practices for each area. The framework serves as a roadmap for our liaisons, helping us focus and prioritize work that we do. Within each category, the core activities describe in more detail the content of that category. The best practices serve as concrete and specific examples of the types of work in which liaisons should be engaged. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a starting point. Liaisons are encouraged to explore relevant new activities and initiatives to help engage and benefit both the library and our liaison units. While this framework was designed specifically for the librarians in the Research and Engagement department, we encourage other departments or libraries to adapt and adopt any parts of this framework that they find useful. Additionally, we have begun piloting the appointment of liaison affiliates (i.e., individuals from outside the department who function as liaisons), and this framework will be critical for defining and negotiating the activities of this type of liaison. It is important to note that the framework does not include aspects of the librarians' work that fall outside the scope of liaison activity.



libraries, liaison librarianship, engaged librarians, outreach librarians