Crisis Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Hinn, Kristan
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A mishandled crisis has the power to devastate a nonprofit organization. This paper explores the importance of a well-orchestrated response to a crisis for the purpose of minimizing this devastation. In their books Weathering the Storm and Crisis Marketing, Christopher Simpson and Joe Marconi independently suggest the presence of certain criteria in an organization’s response to a crisis. In this paper, twenty-one case studies were conducted in order to evaluate the true importance and applicability of these criteria to wide spectrum of nonprofit organizations. In-depth research and numerical content analysis surrounding these case studies revealed a strong correlation between application of Simpson and Marconi’s response criteria and an organization’s positive outcome in the midst of a scandalous crisis. The crisis response criteria deductively reinforced and prioritized in this analysis serve as concrete objectives. These objectives provide a homogenous backbone for crisis preparation that can be adapted in a practical manner for an organization’s specific needs and resources.

Nonprofit., Crisis Management., Scandal, Crisis Planning., Organization Response.