The Role of Parental Involvement in Deaf Education on Childhood Emotional Development; a Survey of Achievement Related Attributions and Ability Mindsets of Deaf HS Graduates

Druhan, Kyleah
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Research confirms that parental involvement is one of the most reliable predictors of student academic achievement, future success, language development, and parent expectations. There is little research done, however, on the effects of parental involvement in Deaf education, which poses a unique case because over 90% of Deaf children are born to hearing parents, and under 10% of those parents learn ASL. This study focuses on parental involvement's correlation to students' ability mindsets and achievement-related attributions, features of middle childhood emotional development. In this mixed-methods study, Deaf graduates were surveyed about their communication and relationship with their parents, parents’ involvement in their education, achievement and failure attributions, and ability mindsets. The purpose of this research is to help educators and parents understand the importance of parental involvement and the benefits of outreach programs. Results showed significant correlations between parental involvement and both growth mindset about ability and relationship with parents.

Communication sciences and disorders., Deaf education., Child development., Parental involvement., American Sign Language., Deaf culture., Education., Socio-emotional development.