Assessing precision and application of marker placement device to enhance motion capture studies.

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Motion capture has become an important clinical tool used in applications of therapy and treatment plans as well as surgical evaluations. However, due to factors such as human error, having multiple examiners, and using multiple days, there is an inherent presence of error within clinical motion capture due to marker replacement. The objective of this study was to develop and evaluate a device that increases the precision of repeatedly placing motion capture markers on a subject for between-day and between-examiner situations. Each mechanical component of the device, as well as body positioning and marker placement repeatability, was evaluated for differences that compounded throughout the process. Kinematic trials were executed to indicate the significance of the device in application. The results showed that the device performed superiorly to human marking of all levels, producing maximum difference measurements of <8.08 mm and minimal measurements resulting in significant kinematic change.

Motion capture. Gait analysis. Gait. Mocap. Marker. Marker placement. Repeatability.