Department chairs' perceptions of music transfer student success.




Wilson, Christina H.

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The purpose of this study was to describe and understand the perceptions department chairs had of various attributes that contributed to two-year music transfer student success, in upper-level instruction at a four-year institution. This was a phenomenological study that explored department chairs' views of music student success. The results of this study were a description of themes related to this phenomenon. Participant views, although affected by the experiences department chairs had with students as well as their relationships to the music discipline, were important to the description of the phenomenon of transfer music student success. At this stage in the research, successful music students were generally defines as those students who completed course work successfully and who graduated in an appropriate amount of time for their degree. Each institution’s or each department's policies defined the appropriate amount of time for degree completion and the standards for successful course work completion. Even though the researcher was interested in participants' definitions for successful music transfer students, she chose to establish these definition parameters for participants to build definitions upon.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 150-154).


Music students --- Texas., Transfer students --- Texas., Prediction of scholastic success --- Texas., Music school administrators --- Texas -- Attitudes.