Automated systematic generation and exploration of flat direction phenomenology in free fermionic heterotic string theory.

Greenwald, Jared.
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Any good physical theory must resolve current experimental data as well as offer predictions for potential searches in the future. The Standard Model of particle physics, Grand Unified Theories, Minimal Supersymmetric Models and Supergravity are all attempts to provide such a framework. However, they all lack the ability to predict many of the parameters that each of the theories utilize. String theory may yield a solution to this naturalness (or self-predictiveness) problem as well as offer a unified theory of gravity. Studies in particle physics phenomenology based on perturbative low energy analysis of various string theories can help determine the candidacy of such models. After a review of principles and problems leading up to our current understanding of the universe, we will discuss some of the best particle physics model building techniques that have been developed using string theory. This will culminate in the introduction of a novel approach to a computational, systematic analysis of the various physical phenomena that arise from these string models. We focus on the necessary assumptions, complexity and open questions that arise while making a fully-automated flat at direction analysis program.

Physics., String theory., Theoretical physics.