Analysis of the microfilariae-specific transcriptome of Brugia pahangi during mosquito infection.


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Development of a transmission-blocking vaccination may provide cost-effective means of preventing the spread of lymphatic filariasis. Here, vaccine candidates were derived from the transcriptomic profiles of two separate developmental life stages of B. pahangi: microfilariae and third-stage larval. Analysis of these differential transcripts provided a detailed overview of expression profiles unique to each developmental stage. Differentially expressed transcripts were scored before the 14 highest ranked transcripts were validated via qRT-PCR. Seven candidate genes were identified as potential targets for transmission-blocking vaccines; two types of Serpins, two types of Cathepsin, Hsp70, Ubiquitin, and Chitinase. Genes selection was limited to secretory or transmembrane proteins in order to increase the proficiency of transmission-blocking vaccine candidates. Finally, we discussed the potential role of each candidate gene in B. pahangi during the midgut infection stage in the mosquito Culex pipiens.



CRISPR/Cas9. Culex pipiens. In vitro. Brugia. Brugia pahangi. Transmission blocking vaccine.