The catalysts, standards, and diffusions of virtual production technologies and workflows : perspectives from key stakeholders.

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Propelled into the spotlight by The Mandalorian in 2019, the filmmaking technique commonly referred to as virtual production, which uses gaming engines to display VFX content on LED volumes in real-time to allow for in-camera final-pixel capture, is often heralded as the future of digital filmmaking. While information about virtual production and its specific application in the entertainment industry is increasing exponentially, no formal study has sought to examine the adoption patterns of virtual production using the theoretical foundations of innovation theory. Through in-depth interviews with key virtual production stakeholders, this thesis identifies the aspects of virtual production technology that might accelerate or impede its adoption. External drivers at the level of industry and culture are also explored, followed by a series of recommendations based on diffusion of innovation theory and innovation management intended to further the adoption of virtual production.

Virtual production. Innovation. Filmmaking. Production. Visual effects. Diffusion of innovation.