Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Policies of National Nursing Organizations




Jolley, Chandra

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Systemic racism is a recognized public health issue that continues to plague populations of color. Current evidence-based research relating to implicit bias in healthcare highlights how providers contribute to this problem directly and indirectly. Efforts are ongoing to define implicit bias (IB), identify affected populations, and create study designs with scientific rigor to evaluate provider understanding of IB and its effect on patient care. However, IB hinders the healthcare system and leads to inequalities, adverse health outcomes, and disparities for patients of color. Isolated efforts have taken place to educate nurses and provide approaches to address inequalities and the systemic elements that engender unhealthy patient outcomes. This article reviews national nursing organization policy efforts to address systemic racism and implicit bias while providing an inclusive platform to examine the issue and create diverse and equitable strategies to promote optimal health outcomes.



systemic racism, health disparities, diversity policy, DEI policy, diversity and equity training, DEI position statement, implicit bias, national nursing organziations