Comparison of selected micronutrient intakes between flexible dieting and strict dieting bodybuilders.

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The purpose of this study was to provide a descriptive assessment of the nutritional habits of competitive bodybuilders, specifically in relation to vitamin and mineral intakes. Data from 41 subjects (30 males and 11 females) were used in analyses. Participants completed a comprehensive food frequency questionnaire and diets were analyzed using a computer system. Males consumed less than the RDA of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, potassium, and dietary fiber. Females consumed less than the RDA for vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, potassium, dietary fiber, and iron. There were no significant differences between male flexible and strict dieting bodybuilders when mean nutrient intakes were compared. For females, flexible dieters consumed significantly greater amounts of several nutrients. A large proportion of individuals from all groups consumed less than the recommended amounts of several of the micronutrients. Therefore, competitive bodybuilders should be advised to take their micronutrition into greater consideration.

Micronutrient. Bodybuilders.