Design and development of autonomous electric vehicles capable of following an EPA drive cycle on a dynamometer testbed and navigating an on-road obstacle course.


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This dissertation presents the background, research and further advancement of the design and development of an autonomous electric vehicle that can follow an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drive cycle on a dynamometer testbed. Design, development, and test data collected, analyzed, presented, and referred to in this dissertation stems from an all-electric Chevy Bolt and an electric converted Chevy Tahoe. The work done on the Chevy Bolt enables the vehicle with the capability to autonomously follow an EPA drive cycle on a dynamometer and the work done on the Chevy Tahoe advances on the autonomous acceleration system, incorporating autonomous steering and sensory integration, enabling the vehicle to follow a path autonomously. The programmable throttle and the programmable brake research on the all-electric Bolt are discussed followed by the implementation of a programmable acceleration system, programmable steering, and the development of a sensory system on an all-electric converted Chevy Tahoe.